“Don’t worry about anything, instead pray for everything.” – Philippians 4: 6

Dad : ” Don’t you worry. Worrying about something uncertain is a waste of time ; instead do something and prevent the worst from happening. Believe in yourself, if this is what you love, go, run, grab it, make your dream come true, live with it. If you really want to get into Ryerson, go for it!”

Me : “What if they don’t approve?”

Dad : “Why think of the other way around when you have the same big chance to get approved?”

So I have been discussing alot about this ; the me worrying too much that I won’t get into my dream university. And the fact that this is possible. But now my eyes are wide open. Sitting there being scared that they may not approve my portfolio won’t change anything. I still have the chance. The test. The test will now be my ticket, I take it.

And dear you, my friend, don’t you worry about your future and where you are  headed to, as long as you are sure with what you are doing, as long as you love what you love, as long as you believe in yourself. Follow your passion, the statistics and people can’t do nothing. Everything must start from you, because you are the one living your life ; not them. I am wishing you the best of luck. And see you soon.

“The worst thing that can happen to you when you have dream is when people come to you and say you can’t have it ; you don’t have it. But don’t stop there. For if it’s your passion, always follow it.” I remember Nino Ricci once mentioned this in his speech during his visit to our school. So, let’s not worry and be happy, yes?


February 23, 2011. Uncategorized.

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