mister snow

1) recapping last weekend’s fun lunch with Ci Olin and Ci Narsya, our church friends. Do excuse the dark – super bad quality of the photo, I’m still working on this weird camera

2) A kite I found uber cute in Chinatown.

3) Hello Koreatown! Toronto is unique enough to have this town ; you’d feel like you were in Korea with all the Hangeul writing everywhere. The weather was just perfect ; but it got much colder in the evening.

4) The Sapporo Japanese Restaurant is so far my all-you-can-eat favourite place. Any recommendation for japanese food restaurant in Toronto or Hamilton? Especially sushi? 😀

5) A cool Union Jack skin for my blackberry. Now I love it more. *smooch


hello. I am trying hard to pull myself back to blogging again, I don’t want second failure (those of you who have been following me since 3 years ago on blogger might understand). My mind has been overflowed with ideas and inspirations lately, I have just started writing a story – reaching the end of chapter one – and I am excited. Another big thing to highlight which has been bugging me since then is my upcoming IELTS Test and university applications. My top 1 choice is, defenitely, Ryerson University. However, I am worried that they might not want me ; not that I am thinking negative about myself.. after all, anticipating the worst is the best I can do in this moment… sigh…

A : “What are you taking?”
Me : “Journalism.”
B : “Ah! Must be applying to Ryerson you!”
Me : “*faint smile* yes, I am.”
A : “If you can get there it’ll mean big!! Big!”

The last line somehow puts heavy burden on my shoulder. The fact that I love writing and the fact that I am really thrilled to explore more about journalism, the fact that I want to live my life with it – the writing and exploring, all these versus the fact that it’s the top university I want to get into. Someone in me feels it’s a little impossible since the competition might be very tense, while the other one in me believes that wherever I am, that’s the best God has planned for me. The thinking that my portfolio I sent to them might not be adequate or whatsoever really pushes me to prepare myself as max. as I can to get the highest IELTS score as possible, I need back-up hey.  I am scared. About my future. and the continuity.

So here written, the random thoughts which have been occupying my mind lately.

Until next time,


February 21, 2011. Uncategorized.

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