I spent a good Saturday waking up at 8 in the morning only to catch the earliest bus as possible to Toronto with my housemate. Only the two of us. Our first intention was to take a sneak peak of Ryerson University, but of course it did not take the whole day LOL. So we wandered about the downtown Toronto and had a good culinery trip this weekend. It was super cold despite the fact that it’s only -1 degrees, perhaps the wind.

I finally sent out my package of portfolio and essay to the university, I can’t say I can expect so much now. Remembering my *cough* young age and lackness of journalistic experience… maybe except for several newspaper articles I have written since I got here. I did not carry any pieces of articles I wrote back in Singapore, I wish I had it here with me.

I really really really hope that I can get into Ryerson, hey everyone of us hopes for the best, yes? Ryerson is the best one for journalism, that, I believe. I am lacking of experience in journalism because I never had the chance to, hence explains my presence here. and the application. Wish me luck, someone? 🙂


February 10, 2011. Uncategorized.

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