“Don’t worry about anything, instead pray for everything.” – Philippians 4: 6

Dad : ” Don’t you worry. Worrying about something uncertain is a waste of time ; instead do something and prevent the worst from happening. Believe in yourself, if this is what you love, go, run, grab it, make your dream come true, live with it. If you really want to get into Ryerson, go for it!”

Me : “What if they don’t approve?”

Dad : “Why think of the other way around when you have the same big chance to get approved?”

So I have been discussing alot about this ; the me worrying too much that I won’t get into my dream university. And the fact that this is possible. But now my eyes are wide open. Sitting there being scared that they may not approve my portfolio won’t change anything. I still have the chance. The test. The test will now be my ticket, I take it.

And dear you, my friend, don’t you worry about your future and where you areย  headed to, as long as you are sure with what you are doing, as long as you love what you love, as long as you believe in yourself. Follow your passion, the statistics and people can’t do nothing. Everything must start from you, because you are the one living your life ; not them. I am wishing you the best of luck. And see you soon.

“The worst thing that can happen to you when you have dream is when people come to you and say you can’t have it ; you don’t have it. But don’t stop there. For if it’s your passion, always follow it.” I remember Nino Ricci once mentioned this in his speech during his visit to our school. So, let’s not worry and be happy, yes?


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mister snow

1) recapping last weekend’s fun lunch with Ci Olin and Ci Narsya, our church friends. Do excuse the dark – super bad quality of the photo, I’m still working on this weird camera

2) A kite I found uber cute in Chinatown.

3) Hello Koreatown! Toronto is unique enough to have this town ; you’d feel like you were in Korea with all the Hangeul writing everywhere. The weather was just perfect ; but it got much colder in the evening.

4) The Sapporo Japanese Restaurant is so far my all-you-can-eat favourite place. Any recommendation for japanese food restaurant in Toronto or Hamilton? Especially sushi? ๐Ÿ˜€

5) A cool Union Jack skin for my blackberry. Now I love it more. *smooch


hello. I am trying hard to pull myself back to blogging again, I don’t want second failure (those of you who have been following me since 3 years ago on blogger might understand). My mind has been overflowed with ideas and inspirations lately, I have just started writing a story – reaching the end of chapter one – and I am excited. Another big thing to highlight which has been bugging me since then is my upcoming IELTS Test and university applications. My top 1 choice is, defenitely, Ryerson University. However, I am worried that they might not want me ; not that I am thinking negative about myself.. after all, anticipating the worst is the best I can do in this moment… sigh…

A : “What are you taking?”
Me : “Journalism.”
B : “Ah! Must be applying to Ryerson you!”
Me : “*faint smile* yes, I am.”
A : “If you can get there it’ll mean big!! Big!”

The last line somehow puts heavy burden on my shoulder. The fact that I love writing and the fact that I am really thrilled to explore more about journalism, the fact that I want to live my life with it – the writing and exploring, all these versus the fact that it’s the top university I want to get into. Someone in me feels it’s a little impossible since the competition might be very tense, while the other one in me believes that wherever I am, that’s the best God has planned for me. The thinking that my portfolio I sent to them might not be adequate or whatsoever really pushes me to prepare myself as max. as I can to get the highest IELTS score as possible, I need back-up hey.ย  I am scared. About my future. and the continuity.

So here written, the random thoughts which have been occupying my mind lately.

Until next time,

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I spent a good Saturday waking up at 8 in the morning only to catch the earliest bus as possible to Toronto with my housemate. Only the two of us. Our first intention was to take a sneak peak of Ryerson University, but of course it did not take the whole day LOL. So we wandered about the downtown Toronto and had a good culinery trip this weekend. It was super cold despite the fact that it’s only -1 degrees, perhaps the wind.

I finally sent out my package of portfolio and essay to the university, I can’t say I can expect so much now. Remembering my *cough* young age and lackness of journalistic experience… maybe except for several newspaper articles I have written since I got here. I did not carry any pieces of articles I wrote back in Singapore, I wish I had it here with me.

I really really really hope that I can get into Ryerson, hey everyone of us hopes for the best, yes? Ryerson is the best one for journalism, that, I believe. I am lacking of experience in journalism because I never had the chance to, hence explains my presence here. and the application. Wish me luck, someone? ๐Ÿ™‚

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