Dear Winter

“How come snowflakes can be this beautiful?” Falling free from the sky as light as a feather, flying to every direction, landing on your hair, your shoulder, your gloves, your bag, your boots and on the streets. You look up to the sky, squinting as the white flakes fly at your face. You stick your tongue out and feel so happy when you catch some. Hmm. Tasteless. But icy. You walk slowly, wind in the face, your hands in your pocket, hide your nose behind your thick scarf it’s hard to breathe, your legs cold and numb, bending and shivering. But he’s not getting any kinder. He’s only getting colder and colder and colder.


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Everybody is the author of his or her own life story. So basically you can call this the other new chapter I’ve started. now. It feels funny, despite the fact that I am now farther from my home country, 12 hours of difference, I feel so much better and productive here. Such a surprise, because I had imagined myself to be so much sicker than I used to be before my departure came, but it turned out the other way around. I am now learning what my heart wants to learn, what I’m passionate about. No more silly compulsory subjects…even though I do miss the school bus and the warmth of the city back then, and certain people *wink at you girls 😉

1. polaroids on the wall. a bit tilted, eh.

2. funky BB case.

3. blurry snapshot of me laughing.

4.key head.

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Hurray to my first post. My eyes are tired I need to sleep. Gotta post something more something tomorrow, alright.

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